Georgia Aquarium, Redux

About a year ago, when Dziadek was visiting, we went to the aquarium. The “we” consisted only of Dziadek and me, as the Girl was sick and K was exhausted.

Yesterday, we tried it again.


“Big fish! Big fish!” the Girl chanted the whole day, excited from the moment she woke up.

The drive to Atlanta was excruciating for the Girl. “Big fish! Big fish!” The time spent in Ikea was torturous — “Big fish! Big fish!” — until we got to the children’s area. Heading out to the car was accompanied by — well, you can probably guess.

Finally, we got to Big Fish Land:


Beluga Whales


Early exhibit

She was initially a little nervous about the whole prospect. It was MLK Day weekend, and the crowd was stifling. Add to it the intensity of the experience and the general darkness in all the exhibits, and it’s easy to see how a little girl might be a bit nervous at first.


Tunnel vision

She found her bearings soon enough, though, and was soon found everything fascinating, especially the crocs:


Finally, the croc book we read comes alive!


Piranha tank

For some time, L was more interested in the stairs than anything else, much to the probable irritation of a number of people.


The trip home was filled with excited stories about whom we saw. “I L fish, i Mama fish, i Tata fish!”

When we got home and set up L’s new easel, one might guess what she wanted to draw.


Surprisingly fishfree

But that guess would be wrong.

More images at our Flickr Georgia Aquarium set.

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  1. …widze ze oprocz akwarium odwiedziliscie sklep IKEA :) , sztaluga, zielone polki, poznaje :) pozdrawiam, a z akwarium najbardziej podoba mi sie zdjecie : po schodach…

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