This End Up

DSC_4397L has problems with reflux (or call it colic). That is to say, heartburn. That is to say, she can’t lie down for too long.

Which means we have to keep her upright most of the time.

Which is why a baby wrap is essential for us.

DSC_3168 Basically, it’s a sling for your kid. It goes criss-cross (applesauce) across L’s back and between her legs, giving her whole body support. And freeing up both hands.

K uses it most of the time, since she’s still at home on maternity leave and, much as she loves our daughter, doesn’t want to spend all her time hovering over a reflux-y baby who requires constant soothing. This allows K to do all the wonderful things attached to having a newborn: laundry, laundry, and, from time to time, laundry.

First WalkWhen going out on a cool-ish day, it has the added benefit of keeping L close to a source of warmth.

No Hands Lastly, when you’re dealing with a newborn, you don’t want to have a lot of people touching her. Keeping the infant wrapped keeps her in your own personal space, and while strangers will willingly and gleefully (and with the absolute best intentions) invade an infant’s personal space, they’re not so willing to do so if the infant is close to the parent.

For those interested/curious, the kind we got (Hug a Bub) can be on the expensive side if you’re not careful. Looking back on it, we overpaid. Still, it was worth it even at that price.

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