Exterior view

Interior view

Just at the corner of the main square in Kesztheny is the Franciscan Church, built around 1390. In 1878, the tower was renovated in the Neo-Gothic style, though it incorporated the original, fourteenth-century stone rosette, seen at left.

When we arrived, it was late morning and the sunlight was streaming through the windows. Kinga went inside with the digital camera and came out shaking her head: “You have to go in there!” she said.

Interior view with sunlight

KoÅ›ciół Franciszkanów – niestety nie można było wejść do Å›rodka i wszystko oglÄ…daliÅ›my zza kraty.

After looking in the church (which was closed for the most part – the case with most churches in Hungary, we noticed), we headed on to Kossuth ut., the main street in Keszthely, which leads up to the palace.

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