Balatonederics (the “cs” is pronounced “ch”) is not right on the lake, and that’s advantageous for several reasons

  • Accommodations are cheaper.
  • Groceries are cheaper.
  • Restaurants are cheaper.

The operative word: cheaper (though be careful saying that word in Poland).

Room at Balaton

The bedroom of our apartment

When we stopped to ask about the price of accommodation, the gentleman standing at the gate told us, “Suggest a price.” We suggested 6,000 Forints a night for the two of us. Judging by his expression, this was much more than he was expecting. We were used to on-the-lake prices, and thought 6K would be a good starting point for bartering.


Kinga reading up on Balatonederics after our arrival

Instead, we got the whole upstairs apartment to ourselves, with a large dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and balcony.

Our host had a large vineyard in his back yard and our second day gave us two bottles of his own white wine.


An abandoned home in Balatonederics

Those of you who’ve tried homemade wine are probably thinking, “Hum, you probably drank one out of courtesy.” Making wine is a tricky thing, and I’ve only had one homemade wine that I thought was good. Until now. This was a dry white wine that was, in fact, better than the white wine we’d bought in a shop a few days earlier.

Breakfast on the balcony

We drank both bottles . . .

Ta miejscowość nie rozciÄ…ga siÄ™ wzdłuż Balatonu ale w poprzeg, być może dlatego nie jest tak popularna wÅ›ród turystów. OdjechaliÅ›my od jeziora o jakieÅ› 2-3 kilometry, znależliÅ›my nocleg taÅ„szy niż zazwyczaj a do tego ku naszej ogromnej radoÅ›ci dostaliÅ›my od naszego gospodarza trzy litry domowego wina – to bylo najlepsze wino domowej roboty jakie do tej pory piłam, no może jedynie wino pana DrÄ…ga mogłoby tutaj konkurować.

Sunrise on the vineyard

Balatonederics served as a sort of base camp for trips the next coule of days:

  • Keszthely (pronounced “kes-te-hey”)
  • Heviz (pronounced more or less like it looks)
  • Szigliget (pronoucned “seeg-lee-get”)

Finally, Wednesday morning came – departure time. Almost the end of the honeymoon. Time to ride our bikes back to Felsoors.

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