Spring Saturday


About the only time I was indoors all day was for this shot, taken as I was finishing up my coffee and heading out to

  • finish the backyard leaf clean up, including
    • the mulching of multiple wheelbarrow-loads of leaves;
    • the hauling of countless loads of branches and twigs to the roadside; and,
    • the removal sand from the backyard deposited by last spring’s flood;
  • prepare the raspberry patch including
    • the removing of leaves and debris; and
    • the depositing of a twelve-inch layer of mulched leaves (see above) on the raspberry patch;
  • clean the front flower bed, including
    • the removing of numerous leaves; and,
    • the cutting back of last year’s jasmine;
  • apply various concoctions to the yard including
    • the applying fertilizer to isolated patches of the yard I missed two weeks ago; and,
    • the applying preemergent weed killer to the rest of the lawn;
  • sow grass seed in the entire backyard;
  • remove countless Sweet Gum seed balls from the front yard;
  • spray insecticide around the outer edges of the house;
  • and finally, fall into a heap to watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with my equally exhausted K, who
    • cleaned the house;
    • cared for the kids;
    • went shopping;
    • planted strawberries; and
    • prepared supper.

In short, a perfect spring Saturday.


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