Thoughts on the Balcony

We all go into the classics of literature with certain preconceptions and assumptions. We grow up hearing about Romeo and Juliet, and knowing that it is considered a classic love story, we expect to find a valiant and noble Romeo. What we find, as the play develops, is a character that is entirely more human than we expected. In fact, early impressions of the young man sour quickly.

These are some of the impressions from my eighth graders after a two-day look at 2.2, the famous balcony scene.

  • I think Romeo is a little obsessive. Like when he was in love with Rosaline, he fell deeply in love, but he quickly moved on to Juliet. He didn’t even know who she was and he was already making out with her! I think nowadays he would be considered a player.
  • He’s a major creeper and totally a player. I would never date him.
  • I think Romeo has good logistics but when it comes to love, he’s a bit tipsy! He is a star-crossed stalker.
  • I can’t believe he went to her balcony. That is mega-weird.
  • Romeo is a psycho-creepy stalker!
  • Romeo is very spontaneous. He lacks a lot of common sense that Juliet has.
  • Romeo is someone I would trust but would not fully trust.
  • I can see why Rosaline left [Romeo].
  • Even though he is a creeper, he seems romantic and sweet.
  • Boy is he a CREEPER! Come on now! You just met her!
  • Romeo is brave yet incredibly stupid.
  • I hope as we read on he will get back to the person I thought he might’ve been before, like charming and funny and bold.
  • [Romeo] is annoying and very stalkerish, but I don’t see him as mean.
  • I wish Romeo was more of a perfect gentleman, funny, daring.
  • Romeo is a creepy, weird person. I thought he was cool at first, but not anymore.
  • I feel like Romeo is being shallow.
  • Romeo is a creep.
  • [Juliet] seems like she would make smart decisions like not to smoke or drink.
  • I think Juliet would be a cool person (without the old English).
  • You’re telling me you wouldn’t risk life and limb for your belovèd? That’s not very gentlemanly. (In response to another student.)
  • I probably wouldn’t be friends with Romeo because he confuses me a lot of times.
  • [Juliet] has good views on love and is an independent girl. We will soon be BFFs :)
  • Romeo is a professional psycho. ‘Nuff said.
  • [Juliet is] NOT creepy, like Romeo!
  • The crazy part of it is that Juliet ends up killing herself for the psycho! See, she’s the one that needs to be checked into a mental institution for liking him!
  • Romeo is a stalking creep. Nope, we wouldn’t be friends. We’d be best friends. We’d go stalking together.
  • Romeo goes with his heart and blacks out his mind, which is not good at all!
  • Romeo falls in love a lot.
  • Romeo would be the kind of person that would be overprotective and call or text you every day, say “I love you” a lot. (Clingy.)
  • I’m not being friends with some mushy guy!
  • I’d be [Romeo’s] friend as long as he stays away from my window!
  • I wouldn’t want to listen to [Romeo] sob about love and girls all the time.
  • Romeo is a dreamer and a gal-pal and would be annoying.
  • Romeo is starting to turn out a little weird.
  • I think it’s pretty hardcore that Romeo lives in the present.
  • I’d keep a fair distance [from Romeo].
  • If Romeo says you can only love one person, then why does he love two?

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