It was not her first haircut, but what a difference it made. A bit off the back and she goes from looking like a baby


to looking like a little girl


“I try to hold on to these moments as they pass”, sings Adam Duritz, and it’s become my mantra. I have to cherish the rare moments that will become ever rarer. When K is vacuuming and L panics, running to me and screaming for me to pick her up, I hold her close; she clings so tightly to my neck that it’s almost difficult to breath.

“Were you scared?” I ask.

“Tak,” she says, relaxing her grip and simply putting her head on my shoulder.

I’ll always want to hold her when she’s scared; I’ll only be able to for a few more years.

One thought on “Haircut

  1. Well, maybe she wont run into your arms in the same way, but let me assure you that she’ll tell you when she’s scared twenty years from now, only it will be far far harder to reassure her. Fear of being alone, of not finding a partner to love, of not having kids, of having kids and not doing well by them, of not finding work she loves, of death, of your death…

    Oh, how easy were the days of vacuum cleaners and bearded men and thunder!

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