Making the List

Making the list for tomorrow’s shopping is a process that takes as much planning as the cooking itself. I guess that goes without saying: you want to make sure your list has everything you need so that you don’t have to go back out. There’s no way I want to have to go out on Saturday to get anything — anything — we’ve forgotten, so making this list now reduces the chances of that happening. It began last night, sitting at the kitchen table, cookbooks everywhere, and it continued in the afternoon and evening tonight.

Taking a short dance break requires less planning. When you’re listening to highlander Christmas carols and you grew up dancing, it comes naturally. And that’s to say nothing of K.


The Girl loves dancing. We’ve known that for some time, and made videos and photos several times.

It’s such an odd thing for me, a complete non-dancer. She can hear music that she likes, and she’ll jump up and start dancing — in the kitchen, in the living room, in her room.


I imagine if any of her favorites came on the radio while we’re out shopping, she’d dance about there as well.


She dances to anything. K puts on Polish folk music and within minutes, the Girl has burst into the living room and is dancing. Anything by Chopin gets her swaying almost majestically.


Elvis Costello can get her feet moving so fast it looks likes she’s running in place.


It is the ultimate sign of a love of music.


Our hope is that it will last and deepen over the years.


Emptiness inspires dancing — the echo of footsteps is always impressive.


With the sofa and love seat sold and the remaining furniture stowed throughout the house, we now have a ballroom.


Conversely, the acoustics inspired music making, with L taking the lead.



Ice Cream and Dancing

There are few things in life the Girl likes loves more than ice cream (a new love) and dancing (an eternal love). We had a little outing Sunday that included both.

We began at the Marble Slab Creamery, where freshly made ice cream is mixed with just about anything — by hand. L wanted “pink ice cream,” which left our options somewhat limited. Fortunately, she’s wild about strawberries, and strawberry ice cream turned out to be equally popular.


She savored it.


Afterward, we wandered down to the main park, where, unbeknown to us, there was an Irish festival (St. Patty’s Day and all…), which included dancing — sure to hold the Girl’s attention.


The dancers were impressive, and L wanted to join them. K literally had to catch her just before she made it onto the stage.


Dancing lessons seem to be a definite future weeknight activity.


More pictures available at Flickr.

Still Dancing

It has been a while since I made any videos. Six months, to be precise. The reason is simple: our computer crashed, and while re-installing the software I use to make videos, it crashed again. I’ve just been putting it off since then.

Not much catching up to do — here’s one from December. The Girl dancing to the brushing teeth song.

Orawian Dancing

Highlander music is an acquired taste, which I personally haven’t completely acquired.

Highlander dancing, though, is a different story. Both graceful and almost violently energetic, it seems to require knees of steel and lungs to match.

Pictured here is the men’s dance called “Zb√≥jnicki” (pronounced “zbouy-nits-key”). If men were birds, this dance would be struting their plummage. In other words, it’s to show their strength, agility, and endurance to potential mates.