Random Posts

  • First Steps
    We’ve begun our garden — sort of. We ordered seeds some weeks ago, and they finally arrived earlier this week. The first step was to get them started.
  • Przepalanka
    The name comes from the verb przepalać, which means to overheat, blow, or scorch. For instance, when a lightbulb (żarówka) blows out, the verb of choice to chronicle the event is “przepalać” (with the reflexive “się” added to confuse foreigners). …
  • Turning Heads
    I’m constantly amazed at all the things L has to learn, and how quickly she learns them. She learned those things waving around in front of her face were hers, and then she learned to control them. She’s figured out …
  • First Communion
    L’s First Communion was two years ago. So quickly have those two years melted away than I still find it somewhat surprising when I see L lining up for communion. It’s one of those milestones in life — your own …
  • Happy Easter
    Three exposures (1/8, 1/30, and 1/2), f/4.5, 120mm