LOT Dzień Pieszego Pasażera

There’s a funny scene in Miś, my favorite Polish film, in which a broken down tram line turns into an occasion for entertainment — literally. A program of singing and such prepared before the breakdown in the event of a break down.

It was, I think, a parody of the ruling party’s ability to turn anything into a “celebration.” That continues today, I think, with Miś-like similarities. When K left yesterday, there was a band, priests, politicians, news reporters, photographers, various people in formal dress, all for the occasion of K’s flight’s departure. The first direct flight from Krakow to Chicago in some time — maybe ever. I don’t really know. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it was a big deal for some people.

While waiting in line to check in, K was interviewed. “Watch the news,” she told her mother later, “I might be there.”

What an occasion!

Except that the depature was delayed over an hour. And that deal cost K (and her traveling companion, U) their connection in Chicago. Which meant a wait over almost eighteen-hours for the next flight.

“See?! I told you guys not to fly LOT,” proclaimed B. perhaps she’s right.

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