What did I love about today? That E got his shoes on all by himself without much prompting and without help getting the correct shoe on the correct foot. It’s a sign of his growing independence that the little things he takes on himself.


That L helped him put on a hoodie that he was dying to wear without me even knowing she’d done it. It must have been a frustrating task, because the neck of that garment does not slip easily over his head. But instead of hearing any fussing, I heard nothing at all.


That they both found a way to entertain themselves. That E did so by working — his favorite type of play — and that L still is in love with skating.


That I discovered K is right: watering the flowers can be a delightful job. The Boy was eager to turn play work into real work. And I love that he’s always willing to lend a hand.

“Sure,” he always says.


That we have a small fire pit in the backyard. With it being so dry, it’s always a bit of a risk to have a bonfire, but we keep it small (despite the appearance of this — it was built up for the picture and for E to help) and have a hose at hand.


That life in our family can be so hectic and yet peaceful at the same moment. That our kitchen is done. That I managed to eat Brussels sprouts tonight.


That the Girl is so interested in crafts. Nana and Papa bought her a small sewing machine for Christmas some time ago (last year? year before?) and perhaps she was too young, because she’s just now getting interested in it.


That my family is my family.



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