First Day

Who knows how many times I’ve done it. If I had to count, I probably could count how many “first days” at school I’ve experienced. With time on both sides of the desk, I suppose I’d have to be now nearing thirty first days.

But I still remember my first first day. Some degree of nervousness, some level of excitement, some small amount of disappointment mixed with a great deal of joy.


I would like to think the Girl will remember her first first day. That she will remember how the night before her worries and fears melted in the morning to a smile and a paradoxically calm excitement.


That she will remember her idea to have a desert picnic after dinner. That she will recall her planning and packing for the picnic.


That she will linger over the memory of cuddling up to her mother, snuggling with her baby brother.


And that she’ll think of that first day every time she sees an ice cream truck.



One thought on “First Day

  1. We called earlier in the evening to see how L’s first day of school went, but I guess you were outside making these pictures. Looks like all went well! Love E’s sox size!

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