4 thoughts on “Emil

  1. Super congratulations! He looks beautiful and healthy and already expressive! I look forward to many many stories of his growth! (And here’s my bit of sympathetic advice: when my second child was born, I was stunned that nobody warned me that a second one was as if two new relationships were added to the family — the child’s to his/her parents and the child’s to his/her sister. Working on that second one was, at least in the first half dozen years, the larger challenge!)

    To all of you — lots of good wishes and (American) hugs and (Polish) pozdrowienia!

  2. Wow! What a handsome boy. Congrats….you both did a great job! Another grandchild for Mel and Omi to spoil. So exciting. Cant wait to meet him!

  3. Thank you, both, for your kind words. We’re already keenly aware of the possibility, Nina — posts about that in the offing. And you’re right, Beth: the most handsome boy ever!

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