Another Return To Table Rock, Redux

There’s a great trail along the stream and up the side of a mountain that’s just right for short legs.


There’s a fun swimming hole. There are tadpoles squirting about, drawing undue attention to themselves from would-be harassers.

Searching for Tadpoles

There’s a cooling waterfall with which L becomes more and more courageous. (The corollaries to this is a new ability to put her face in the water and a develop preference of showering over bathing.)


There are smaller waterfalls nearby that are positively picturesque.


There are nature shows that allow kids to handle frogs, turtles, and multiple snakes, as well as learn about how helpful some snakes can truly be.


The Climb

Snake Handler

And there’s an ice cream shop just down the road.

Ice Cream

Perhaps these are some of the reasons we keep returning to Table Rock State Park whenever we can.

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