infinityI recently mentioned that Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa (Warsaw Village Band) had released a new album, Infinity (the album name is in English), that we’d ordered. It came this week, along with several other CDs ordered from Polska.

In a word, brilliant. They’re fast becoming my favorite Polish band, with only Lao Che (more on them later) giving them a run for their money.

The album begins with a tense mid-tempo piece, “Piesn Madrego Dziecka” (“Song of a Wise Child”), which got a fair amount of air time on Polish radio. (It might not initially grab you, but listen to the whole thing.)

From that, it moves to “Potorej Godziny” (“Hour and a Half”):

A couple of tracks after that, “Chmiel” shows what an amazing groove the band can create. If you’re not tapping your foot to this one, there’s something dreadfully wrong with you!

It is in fact available at Amazon; if you like these three tracks, you’ll probably like the whole album.

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