Party Preparation

Later today, L will celebrate her second birthday party. Her birthday is not until Tuesday, but one doesn’t have parties on Tuesdays. We’ve been practicing: thank you, happy birthday to you (which comes out “happy to you”), dziekuje, sto lat, blowing out candles, and so on.

Last night, K baked a cake, as I did some touch-up work on our new door.


The cake, when finished, was quite a masterpiece:


Today, we tried blowing up some balloons, but L was a bit wary:


Right now, she’s asleep. “When you wake up,” I told her, “It’ll be time for ‘Happy to you!'”

I’m surprised she even managed to go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Party Preparation

  1. Yes — we’re lining up her first show for next month, and we have a new Nikon D3 on order for her. Unfortunately, the camera is bigger than she is, but that’s what tripods are for.

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