L Minus 14

K’s due date is two weeks from tomorrow. Which means, for the last week, we’ve both been thinking, “Any day now…” True, few first-time pregnancies are early, but last week’s ultrasound (confirming a weight of about seven pounds) has led us to hope more fervently that L will be here by Christmas.

And so soon, all the questions will be answered.

Some already are. The ultrasound technician was shocked at how much hair our daughter already has — and its length: about 1.4 cm (a little over half an inch). We could see the hair, waving about in the amniotic fluid, like some small detail from a painting.

In the meantime, every time the phone rings at work and I see it’s K calling, everything in me jumps just a little.

2 thoughts on “L Minus 14

  1. Truly. But it’s a great kind of tension. It’s rare that you realize that at any moment, your entire life is going to change drastically.

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