The See-Saw

I try to be tolerant. I try not to make blanket statements about an entire group of people. I try not to make crude comments about people’s religious beliefs, social customs, etc. I try to be a bleeding heart, I guess.

Sometimes, I feel the little xenophobe in me (and there is one, buried deep inside) wiggling his way out and making me think things like, “Stupid barbarians.”

A fourteen year old being whipped to death because he broke the Ramadan fast is one of those incidents that is just fodder for my smoldering xenophobia.

“Barbarians,” some are calling them. “A ‘religion’ of hate,” others are saying. “A country ruled by terrorists,” still others are accusing. And the little conservative in me that I fight to keep down when I hear things like that mutters, “The judge, the executioner, and all who stood around cheering deserve the same.”

“The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful,” is the common refrain among us bleeding hearts.

“Explain the lack of outcry among other Muslims about this event,” says the Little Xenophobe I keep on a very short leash.

“Yes, but the townspeople were outraged by this,” says Bleeding Heart. “The article says so!”

“They were only outraged that he died, I’m sure. If he’d received a more ‘moderate’ punishment, like, say, five or ten lashes, they’d approve,” says LX.

“That’s just conjecture. You’re generalizing from one event,” replies BH.

“One event? Look at the Muslim ‘faith.’ It’s blatantly misogynistic; it rules by the sword; it converts by the sword; it’s brutal . . .” begins LX.

“Yes, but most Muslims . . .” interrupts BH.

It’s a never-ending cycle.

What sorts of LX/BH dialogues do you have rattling around your head?

2 thoughts on “The See-Saw

  1. Em, I try not to make blanket statements about an entire group of people, but I dare to make statements about those religions/belief systems and its representatives, which encourage people to harm others in the name of their beliefs.
    Fanatics are dangerous everywhere.

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